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About Ria van Dinteren

Ria van Dinteren, NeurotalentRia van Dinteren is an organizational and educational advisor and certified facilitator. She has worked for years as a manager and has a proven track record in workplace learning and continuous development.

She has been involved in the application of brain knowledge in organizations since 2010. She works as a coach and facilitator of management teams. She has authored several books on this subject, including ‘Brain @ work’ which was nominated in 2011 as a management book of the year and the book ‘Brain Leadership’.

She has her own management consultancy Brain Work; is an editor at TVOO and is part of the valorization panel on the applications for neuroscience research at the VU University of Amsterdam. She is involved in research into the effect of fixed and growth mindset at Wageningen University and the Dutch School for Educational Management.

Upcoming events

May 19/22 | ATD 2019 International Conference & Exposition

Implementing Machine Learning & AI in Learning - Global Cases and Best Practices
Koko Nakahara (Japan), Amit Nagpal (India), Paul Signorelli (USA) and Evert Pruis (Forzes | The Netherlands)

Keep them aligned! Neurological insights for talent development
Ria van Dinteren (Breinwerk) and Evert Pruis (Forzes)

May 19-22, 2019

Washington D.C., USA

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