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for organizations that want to discover, develop and retain talent

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Our brains keep learning right up until we die.
Through neuroscience we’ve discovered our brains are plastic,
rather than static. This offers organizations a key
to continuous improvement and sustainable employability
and offers individuals the keys to happiness and meaning in life and work.

How much benefit would our organizations, our teams and we ourselves reap from lifelong learning based on our talent? A great deal of our talents remain latent and untapped, however, resulting in the loss of potential human capital. We can tackle this issue by paying more attention to discovering, developing and retaining talent.
The unique collaboration of Evert Pruis, certified talent spotter and organizational and training developer, with Ria van Dinteren (brain science) creates unique programs and advice to organizations in the field of talent management. By taking our talent scan, you get an instant indication of whether and where NeuroTalent can be of service.

Flourishing Talent - a brief organisational self-assessment

What benefit would our organizations, our teams and we ourselves reap from learning for life based on our talent? Let us ask you a few questions to give you an instant inkling on your organization's "talent readiness".

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Ria van Dinteren

Ria van Dinteren

Organizational and educational advisor and certified facilitator

Has been involved in the application of brain knowledge in organizations. Works as a coach and facilitator of management teams and has authored several books on this subject.

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Ria van Dinteren

Evert Pruis

Change management expert and talent spotter

Helps organizations design talent management and development programs. Advises on innovative talent management and training concepts. Helps design, develop and deliver them.

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May 19/22 | ATD 2019 International Conference & Exposition

Implementing Machine Learning & AI in Learning - Global Cases and Best Practices
Koko Nakahara (Japan), Amit Nagpal (India), Paul Signorelli (USA) and Evert Pruis (Forzes | The Netherlands)

Keep them aligned! Neurological insights for talent development
Ria van Dinteren (Breinwerk) and Evert Pruis (Forzes)

May 19-22, 2019

Washington D.C., USA

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